Yesterday I purchased my ticket

Something I’ve learned about myself. I hesitate often on major decisions. Since receiving word that my project would be funded, I danced in my living room, I’ve worn a smile for a month, I’ve experience chest pains from anxiety, I’ve attempted to take a Spanish language class and forgotten everything I needed to brush up on, I’ve accepted the fact that I was chicken shit scared of this journey. For a solid year, I was deep in this project and never once thought it would become something. And now, well, I’m still processing. The major step was the purchase of a plane ticket and four o’clock this morning, I awoke, heart beating rapidly, announcing yet again to myself, I am going to do research for a project of my own creation. This will not be like the gigs I’ve done as a musician and vocalist on someone else’s project. This will be me. This will be my work. I wonder if I will bring my drum. It would be nice to hear how it sounds nearer the equator than my home.


About latasha1970

What's heard and not heard, obviously seen and made invisible. My thoughts on life, change, and everything that gets blind sighted by trivial issues. It's about being in between space, in between compromises and in between success and failure. This updated version will chronicle my journey to Peru this summer, the preparation involved and what happens once I've set foot on South American soil.
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