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What's heard and not heard, obviously seen and made invisible. My thoughts on life, change, and everything that gets blind sighted by trivial issues. It's about being in between space, in between compromises and in between success and failure. This updated version will chronicle my journey to Peru this summer, the preparation involved and what happens once I've set foot on South American soil.

Virgin de Carmen, El Carmen Chincha


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San Martin de Porres : Peru’s Black Saint

He is there in La Iglesia de Santo Domingo and the Convento Santo Domingo. He shares his miracles with the first woman to be made a saint and another.  During the tour guide’s talk, I thought about how long it … Continue reading

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Wandering About in Central Lima, Peru

Imagine myself without the Spanish tongue.  Imagine myself a foreigner whose birthplace is but several miles away.  By allowing myself to wander, I allowed myself to be strange, to be quiet and listen, to find small traces of what history … Continue reading

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Tattoo Expo, Lima, Peru 2011

It was my first night in Perú.  I arrived to Lima in the morning and made my first phone call to Pedro Mo, a Hip Hop artist living in Salamanca.  To my luck, while my spanish was limited, Pedro did … Continue reading

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at El Museo del Barrio

yesterday my back went out.  it’s been a long since a back spasm. i fear that if i don’t get some proper exercise in before I go, i will carrying a bottle of muscle relaxers my entire trip.  it had … Continue reading

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la canción de trabajo

While I’ve managed to divorce myself from Facebook, create this blog, update other blogs, book my ticket, the month of April was a tough one.  There is another ticket to purchase and I hesitate as my plans to El Carmen … Continue reading

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Yesterday I purchased my ticket

Something I’ve learned about myself. I hesitate often on major decisions. Since receiving word that my project would be funded, I danced in my living room, I’ve worn a smile for a month, I’ve experience chest pains from anxiety, I’ve … Continue reading

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