aesthetic philosophy and creative process

I am devoted to developing an interdisciplinary body of work that highlights my interests in multiple languages, identity, class, and popular media. Using sound, video, performance, and text, I create a hybrid landscape seeped in rhyme, ritual, and electronic music.  My interests have allowed for a variety of approaches – from solo to acoustic to multi media to collaboration.

Language is a constant investigation in my work.  Macaronics, a 16th century form of satirical poetics that involves using multiple languages, has permitted me to redefine the root of a “mother tongue” as “sister/auntie tongues” that are all interconnected.  This work involves marrying not only different languages, but also different poetic formulas and song structures.

My work also makes obvious my continuing search for self as a woman of African and Indigenous descent.  Through an exciting blend of humor and seriousness, inquiry and revelation, my work often reveals my personal story, offering the audience an opportunity to construct their own interpretations and experiences.

Multiple languages shape my poetry and sound experiments.   Japanese, Malay, and Cherokee, for instance, can be heard in my poetry.  Currently I have immersed myself in learning Quechua and traditional Moari songs.  I am interested in the complexity of globalization and how cultures submerge within one another and re-emerge; how are we sometimes alienated by our identities, yet manage to discover the commonalities in our journeys.  How are we all, to a certain degree, palimpsests of data?